candy box design

movie illustration poster

postcard design

stationery package

parallax design

Welcome to my Portfolio

above is a collection of my works while in the bachelor program for Computer Graphic Design. My portfolio includes: Layout: Folder, Menu, Booklet, Character Design, Stationery Package, Logo Design, Illustrations, Photoshop pieces, and Scrolling Parallax. Many of these pieces were developed during my three years at college. All my projects were assignments or additional projects taken up as freelance through the school. This collection will be presented for my final portfolio class in the fall of 2015, for the computer graphic design program.


I was inspired by my everyday life and surroundings, my work varies in topic and design. It is hard to find inspiration in an environment where your freetime is comprised of research papers/midterms and exams. I look forward to what life may bring after graduation.

The future

I really enjoy wordPress and while this is the first version of my final design portfolio website, it certainly won’t be the last. I hope to have regular blog posts about my interests, passions and future works. Stay tuned.. for future updates. I hope you enjoy what you see, for more samples of my work please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.