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Jack in the Box <3

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On our recent weekend getaway to Cincinnati we realized we’d only be 14 miles away from Jack in the Box. Kentucky doesn’t have a any, more importantly “LOUISVILLE DOES NOT HAVE A JACK IN THE BOX”. I went as far as liking a Facebook page to Bring Jack in the Box to Louisville a long while back. You see there is no end to the chicken joints.. I won’t even justify them by naming any. We desperately need variety!

Since this trip to Jack in the Box was so monumental.. I decided to document our experience and snap a few shots as well.

We met a very spirited young lady who assisted us with our meal named JeRee. She agreed to take a picture and in true Jack in the Box fashion she “rocked it”. The customer service was on point, everyone we met was really sweet. I ordered a #3 of course, (for those not acquainted with the Jack’s menu a #3 is a Sourdough Jack) it was delish! A Sourdough Jack is a Beef patty topped with bacon, tomato, Swiss-style cheese, Mayo-Onion sauce, and ketchup on toasty sourdough bread. MMM.. heaven.

A two hour drive to the nearest Jack in the Box for us Louisville natives is hard core dedication. If only Jack would hear our cry and build in Louisville.

Here are a few snapshots, meet JeRee and peek at their menu! @jackbox #jackinthebox #louisvilleneedsjack #JeReerocks

jack in the box jack in the box jack in the box




newport aquarium photography

Newport Aquarium Photography

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What a Croc!

I recently visited Newport, Kentucky on the Ohio River a bridge distance from Cincinnati. I’ve been to Cincinnati only a handful of times yet this was my first time at the Newport Aquarium.

The last Aquarium I had visited was in Virginia Beach and it pales in comparison. My first impression of the Newport Aquarium was in part due to the little plaza it is located in. I really wish Louisville had something like this. It was beautiful. Clean and engaging plus it had a 5GUYS right in the plaza!

The cost for the general admission was 23 dollars for adults. I took this opportunity to test out my new camera (Nikon d3300) and who wouldn’t want some Newport Aquarium Photography to show off on a portfolio website!

Here are a few of the best images I captured, If you are interested in seeing more Newport Aquarium Photography check out the entire album on facebook. Of the many shots I took, my favorite subject was this wee crocodile. After many people walked by he seemed frozen in place until I walked up with my camera. He fixated on my every move and followed me around with a full 90 degree turn of his head. Here are the best in his series. Lastly it seemed to be a theme with photogenic aquatic life. This piranha was swimming straight for me several times, my camera couldn’t focus fast enough but for one time. Enjoy!

newport aquarium photography

newport aquarium photography newport aquarium photography

newport aquarium photography

Game of Thrones Religion Infographic

Game of Thrones: Religion No Spoilers.

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Game of Thrones the Faiths

If you’ve been living under a rock, and are unaware of the phenom that is Game of Thrones (GoT)… I advise you.. GOOGLE my friends, use the eugooglizer! Apart from being an excellent show that is nearing the end of its 5th season on HBO, it is probably the best book series I’ve read. If you love politics, twisty plots, assassins, severed heads, swordplay, vivid worlds, wait.. I could go on for days describing the books to you, or you could start reading them. I warn you, the wait for the next book will likely be a long grueling process. Have no fear you can just marathon the show over and over again until George R.R. Martin finishes his next masterpiece.

I am super inspired when it comes to this show, I really would love free time to do some detailed illustrations of any aspects of the GoT world. Come to think of it, I have one such project I’ve never finished. I started this infographic on the Faiths of the series. I find the concept of religion in the books to be a fascinating and integral part of why the characters believe and act as they do. This inspired me to take a closer look at the Faiths and to do that I thought an infographic would be the best approach considering the enormity of the information. It features most of the known religions, at least the ones discussed in the show. As I mentioned it is not finished, it may never be finished. Sometimes passion and interest takes a back seat to responsibility; however, unfinished should never be an excuse not to share an idea.

A good resource for more information about the Faiths in George R.R Martin’s universe can be found here. Matt Fowler recently wrote an article “The Relgions of Game of Thrones” on ign.com that explores who believes what in the HBO series. You can find that article here. Great article! #gameofthronereligion #gameofthrones #gotseason5



Wildstar gaming interests

Wildstar Free to Play coming soon!

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As previously mentioned.. I am an avid gamer. Recently I’ve found myself back in the clutches of Wildstar. Wildstar is a newer MMO, developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCSOFT, it went live June of last year. They’ve just announced Free to Play (F2P) coming in the Fall. The game had a lot of appeal to me from the start the graphics and the cartoon’sih science fiction world, I loved it.

Then life happened, I had just finished my associates and put it aside for life. With the announcement of F2P, I thought.. Hey, lets load that free 10 day trial up and decompress some of this “finals stress” from school. Now I’m battling the urge to play of course, and can’t wait til my 2 week break.

I love a clever name. I rolled an Aurin- its a bouncy furry type of class, comes with ridiculously long tail and your choice of nearly 10 different ears. The bunny enthusiast that I am, of course, chose bunny ears. My class specialization is Spellslinger, a dual gun wielding bunny bad ass. Named appropriately “Hare Trigger”.

While games like World of Warcraft still monopolize the MMO market, I love to see games like this rise up. I hate to see them move to a F2P model. It’s like succumbing to defeat; however, if it boosts the community and draws more of a player base.. I can only hope for the best.

Stare down the barrel of Hare Trigger’s dual pistols.

Wildstar Gaming Intrests

party planning gold pennants

You should go into party planning…

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Thanks to the world of Pinterest and social media, it’s easy to get ideas and share ideas more specifically, parties and events. My darling in-laws just celebrated their 50’th wedding anniversary. We hosted a small family gathering to celebrate their nuptials.

This isn’t my first rodeo, I tend to celebrate a lot of things that involves parties or what I refer to them as (reasons to get creative).. though my husband refers to these parties as “reasons to spend money”. These events are where I typically hear “you should go into party planning or you should go into business making money for this”

For this particular event I was able to use a lot of things that I had, a year ago our aunt celebrated her 60th birthday and I… umm had part in that too.  I didn’t have to spend much on some of the decorations as you would think. The one thing I lacked was pictures, these beautiful people have hardly any good pictures together.

Thursday before the party I took some great pictures of the two of them and was able to get some 11×17 posters made and framed to add to the decorations. Once I had the main piece of the puzzle figured out it was time to get creative. I stopped at Hobby Lobby to pick up a few supplies, colored cardstock, twine, 3 yards of fancy cloth and a picture frame with a stand. I had picked up a few gems in the Target dollar section, those included 4 mason type jars and some artificial flowers. I made the center pieces and a fancy table for the cake and desserts that showcased their pictures.

The party and decorations were a great success and as always I received a ton of compliments and  future career advice. The truth is I love to decorate and create but fundamentally I love to design. To quote the famous A-Team star, Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith,”I love it when a plan comes together. There is nothing like seeing the finished design, no matter the project, no matter the scale. I get a great sense of fulfillment, by exceeding expectations. To those that always tell me.. you should go into business.. Thank you for you compliments, you’re the driving force that motivates me to keep rising to the occasion.

Check out the finished product on my Instagram.

Work in progress

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I’m currently taking Web 4 in the bachelors program in college, this translates to WordPress. I’ve never WordPressed before, this will be an adventure. I’ve decided to work on my portfolio site since that class is rapidly approaching this Fall. It’s exciting and a tiny bit frightening thinking about graduating and having to polish these pieces that have been compiled since I started school. If you’ve stumbled onto my website… I will assure you it is, in fact, a works in progress. I’ll be working.. and you can see the progress!