Newport Aquarium Photography

newport aquarium photography

What a Croc!

I recently visited Newport, Kentucky on the Ohio River a bridge distance from Cincinnati. I’ve been to Cincinnati only a handful of times yet this was my first time at the Newport Aquarium.

The last Aquarium I had visited was in Virginia Beach and it pales in comparison. My first impression of the Newport Aquarium was in part due to the little plaza it is located in. I really wish Louisville had something like this. It was beautiful. Clean and engaging plus it had a 5GUYS right in the plaza!

The cost for the general admission was 23 dollars for adults. I took this opportunity to test out my new camera (Nikon d3300) and who wouldn’t want some Newport Aquarium Photography to show off on a portfolio website!

Here are a few of the best images I captured, If you are interested in seeing more Newport Aquarium Photography check out the entire album on facebook. Of the many shots I took, my favorite subject was this wee crocodile. After many people walked by he seemed frozen in place until I walked up with my camera. He fixated on my every move and followed me around with a full 90 degree turn of his head. Here are the best in his series. Lastly it seemed to be a theme with photogenic aquatic life. This piranha was swimming straight for me several times, my camera couldn’t focus fast enough but for one time. Enjoy!

newport aquarium photography

newport aquarium photography newport aquarium photography

newport aquarium photography

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