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jack in the box

On our recent weekend getaway to Cincinnati we realized we’d only be 14 miles away from Jack in the Box. Kentucky doesn’t have a any, more importantly “LOUISVILLE DOES NOT HAVE A JACK IN THE BOX”. I went as far as liking a Facebook page to Bring Jack in the Box to Louisville a long while back. You see there is no end to the chicken joints.. I won’t even justify them by naming any. We desperately need variety!

Since this trip to Jack in the Box was so monumental.. I decided to document our experience and snap a few shots as well.

We met a very spirited young lady who assisted us with our meal named JeRee. She agreed to take a picture and in true Jack in the Box fashion she “rocked it”. The customer service was on point, everyone we met was really sweet. I ordered a #3 of course, (for those not acquainted with the Jack’s menu a #3 is a Sourdough Jack) it was delish! A Sourdough Jack is a Beef patty topped with bacon, tomato, Swiss-style cheese, Mayo-Onion sauce, and ketchup on toasty sourdough bread. MMM.. heaven.

A two hour drive to the nearest Jack in the Box for us Louisville natives is hard core dedication. If only Jack would hear our cry and build in Louisville.

Here are a few snapshots, meet JeRee and peek at their menu! @jackbox #jackinthebox #louisvilleneedsjack #JeReerocks

jack in the box jack in the box jack in the box




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  • Bret Edwards says:

    thats a spiffy jack-in-the-box there…most of the ones I see are run-down. Also, I love me a #3 as well, though I usually don’t get ketchup. Haven’t been to JIB since moving up to Seattle though.

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