Game of Thrones: Religion No Spoilers.

Game of Thrones Religion Infographic

Game of Thrones the Faiths

If you’ve been living under a rock, and are unaware of the phenom that is Game of Thrones (GoT)… I advise you.. GOOGLE my friends, use the eugooglizer! Apart from being an excellent show that is nearing the end of its 5th season on HBO, it is probably the best book series I’ve read. If you love politics, twisty plots, assassins, severed heads, swordplay, vivid worlds, wait.. I could go on for days describing the books to you, or you could start reading them. I warn you, the wait for the next book will likely be a long grueling process. Have no fear you can just marathon the show over and over again until George R.R. Martin finishes his next masterpiece.

I am super inspired when it comes to this show, I really would love free time to do some detailed illustrations of any aspects of the GoT world. Come to think of it, I have one such project I’ve never finished. I started this infographic on the Faiths of the series. I find the concept of religion in the books to be a fascinating and integral part of why the characters believe and act as they do. This inspired me to take a closer look at the Faiths and to do that I thought an infographic would be the best approach considering the enormity of the information. It features most of the known religions, at least the ones discussed in the show. As I mentioned it is not finished, it may never be finished. Sometimes passion and interest takes a back seat to responsibility; however, unfinished should never be an excuse not to share an idea.

A good resource for more information about the Faiths in George R.R Martin’s universe can be found here. Matt Fowler recently wrote an article “The Relgions of Game of Thrones” on that explores who believes what in the HBO series. You can find that article here. Great article! #gameofthronereligion #gameofthrones #gotseason5



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